How much dry food should you feed your dog?

Getting the amount of your dog’s food right is crucial to helping them grow healthily and stay happy and energised. Many dog owners choose to feed their pets dry food, thanks to its long-lasting nature, high energy content and oral health benefits. As long as your chosen dry food has the right amounts of protein, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals, it should be suitable for your pet.

As you’ve probably suspected, there’s no set amount to feed your dog, since every pet is different. The right measure will depend on factors such as:


  • The calorie count of your chosen food
  • Your dog’s weight and target weight
  • Their age
  • Their activity level
  • Any health issues
  • Their reproductive status


As a first step, refer to the feeding guidelines on the packaging of your chosen dog food. All Claude & Clarence delicious dog food recipes have full feeding guides for each recipe. It’s important to remember that this information is intended as a guide, and if unsure it’s always best to speak to your vet.


Feeding guidelines are usually given in ranges so that you can adjust accordingly to suit your dog’s needs. For example, if your pet needs to lose weight, you would give them the smaller portion size, and if they’re extremely active, you would go for the larger size.


Once you know the total daily amount to feed your dog, you’ll need to divide it equally between the amount of meals they eat per day. As a general rule, puppies require three or more meals a day, while adult dogs only need two.


Getting the amount of food right is important because too little or too much can have negative health implications for your pet. Underfed dogs can suffer from nutritional deficiencies, while overfeeding can lead to obesity, as well as related issues such as arthritis and heart problems.


At their ideal weight, you should be able to feel but not see your pup’s last two or three ribs, and they should have a tapered waist when looking down at them from above.


It’s a good idea to stick to the same daily routine once you’ve figured out what works, as dogs respond well to consistency. If for any reason you need to change your dog’s food – such as if you’re switching from dry to wet food – it’s important to make this a gradual process to let your pup get used to the new food.

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