At Claude & Clarence we source only the finest natural, A-grade ingredients for our delicious and nutritious pet foods. Every ingredient is carefully selected for its clear and proven health benefits.


We have specially designed our adult dog and cat foods to be fed on rotation. You can confidently feed the range ensuring your pets will enjoy a variety of delicious different flavours from Claude & Clarence.


High Meat Content

In all our pet food we use a combination of both fresh and dried meats and fish to provide your pet with great tasting, highly nutritious mealtimes. Using fresh meat or fish alone does not provide us with the exact nutritional levels that we require in our recipes.


Containing only 5-7% water, dried meat and fish is an excellent concentrated source of natural amino acids, fats, minerals and vitamins. By using a combination of both fresh and dried meats and fish we ensure the perfect nutritional balance in all our Claude & Clarence recipes.


In all our recipes we use a sumptuous combination of the finest, highest quality vegetables, herbs and botanicals. Our highly digestible, human-grade, natural ingredients not only provide your pet with the correct nutritional balance but also ensure your pet is calmer and their appetite is controlled thanks to ingredients like Sweet Potato. In addition, our herbs and botanicals contain essential vitamins and beneficial plant compounds including antibacterials and antioxidants.


In each of our recipes, we use the perfect combination of oils and fats depending on the protein source. You will find sunflower oil and salmon and fish oils as well as the fats from the meat or fish used in any given recipe.


The right combination of oils and fats will not only ensure the tastiest and most enjoyable pet foods we can produce, but also a wealth of health benefits too! Components such as Vitamin E and Omega 3 & 6, oils and fats provide energy, reduce stiffness in the joints and will enhance the immune system.


All Claude & Clarence dry food recipes are Grain Free. As a great source of energy and fibre we use Sweet Potato, a complex carbohydrate high in B Vitamins. Sweet Potatoes bring many benefits to your pet’s diet as they are also rich in Vitamin C and contain several essential minerals. As apposed to some grains, sweet potatoes are less likely to cause intolerances and as part of your pet’s balanced diet, they ensure sustained, slow energy release throughout the day.


0% added artificial colours or preservatives in any Claude & Clarence recipe and that’s a promise!


Natural antioxidants present in our nutritious ingredients are used in the preservation of all Claude & Clarence recipes.  The natural preservatives used are Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Rosemary Oil, all of which work together to ensure your pet has only the freshest mealtimes possible!